Now showing in La Fabrique du Vivant, Centre Pompidou, Paris

I am very happy to share that my artwork, Lungs of the Earth, conceived and created as Artist-in-Residence at the Pelling Laboratory for Augmented Biology at the University of Ottawa, is now showing in the exhibition, La Fabrique du Vivant, as part of the Mutations/Creations platform at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Lungs of the Earth was first shown in 2018 at the Red Head Gallery in my solo exhibit Contained. Three petri dishes contain four decellularized maple leaves that have been cultured with human epithelial cells. This piece was inspired by my mother's experience of contracting Tuberculosis in 1944 at the age of twenty. The exhibit blended current scientific processes with past medical practices, becoming, ultimately, a contemplation on past histories and possible futures.

La Fabrique du Vivant runs until April 15th.