Post Me a Card is an exhibit of the postcard collections of two poets and an artist - Ruth Roach Pierson, Maureen Scott Harris and Elaine Whittaker. Now open at the Red Head Gallery in Toronto and runs until July 29th.

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Post Me a Card
July 19-29th, 2017
Opening Reception & Readings: Thursday, July 20th, 5:30-7:30pm

In a digital world dominated by email and texting, and Instagram and Snapchat, it is easy to forget that the postcard was the original quick and cheap connection to family and friends. Beginning in the late 19th century, and supported by excellent public postal services, postcards offered an easy way to stay in touch, with the added benefit of pictures to supplement written words. So satisfying were the cards, people began to collect them, often as souvenirs—a tangible reminder of where they had been and what they had seen, be it vacation spots, beautiful landscapes, historical sites or great artworks.

Post Me a Card is an exhibit that displays the postcard collections of two poets and an artist, Ruth Roach Pierson, Maureen Scott Harris and Elaine Whittaker. Some of the cards are pulled, unwritten, from drawers and boxes, but more are part of actual exchanges, a testament to friendships and to the pleasures of material, rather than digital, correspondence. 

When was the last time you sent a postcard? Post Me a Card invites visitors to share in that half-forgotten satisfaction. You are invited to sit at the desk in the gallery, choose a card, and write. Stamps and mailboxes are available if you want it mailed, or you are welcome to pin it on the wall to share with other gallery visitors. Whichever you choose, postcards open a window into time. That moment you sat down, considered your surroundings, or thought about someone, and wrote—a handwritten reflection and a heartfelt exchange.

Red Head Gallery, 401 Richmond St. W. Ste. 115, Toronto, ON 416-504-5654
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12-5pm