Interalia Magazine, Issue 9 Changing Mind Changing Body

Please take a moment and enjoy the latest issue of Interalia magazine. It includes many excellent art/science/mind/body articles. And also an article on my art installation, 
I Caught it at The Movies!

Interalia Magazine Issue 9 now live online. 'Changing Mind Changing Body'.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Stelarc, Eduardo Kac and Andrew Carnie, together with articles by Elaine Whittaker, Zoltan Ishtan, Diemut Strebe and Richard Barrett; blogs on David Cronenberg talking about the future of human bio implants and Seiki Mikami‘s installation ‘Desire of Codes’ ; ‘video talks’ by Natasha Vita-More, Catherine Kerr, Kevin Warwick, Aubrey de Grey, Max More and Miguel Nicolelis ; and The Future of the Body with Performance Artist ORLAN.

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